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In the era of digital downloads, having access to your license key can become a vital part in being able to enjoy the product you purchased. If you cannot locate your license key, finding it can be a confusing process.

The two main places to check would be your purchase history or the email associated with the purchase. Trying to use a search engine to find your license key can be time consuming and often unsuccessful.

To help prevent yourself from losing access to your license keys in the future, it’s best to keep an updated list of all the software you own. This list should include the license key, the product name, and the purchase information. Saving the list in an easily-accessible digital file can also be helpful.

If you’re an avid shopper and digital downloader, a good option for keeping your license keys safe and organized would be to take advantage of a software license manager. These easy-to-use programs allow you to store multiple license information in one secure spot.

If you’re unable to find your license key, contact the manufacturer or retailer who sold you the product. Before attempting to contact them, it’s a good idea to have the purchase information and the product name ready. If the product was bought through a digital retailer, such as Steam or iTunes, the customer support should be able to help you recover it.

Finding your license key is doable, and being proactive can prevent headaches down the line. Continuous organization and updating will prove to be invaluable should you ever need to locate your license key.